Search Engine Optimization for Travel Websites

SEO for Travel Agencies allows you to target customers for a range of keywords. Unlike other strategies, targeting keywords in SEO is fairly easy and pocket friendly. SEO lets you target a large number of keywords along with their variations, for no extra costs. For example, as your business is of Travel Agency, you might like to target keywords like ‘Trips’ and ‘Travel agency’. But why restrict yourself? You could also try your hands on other related keywords like ‘London Trips’, ‘Best Travel Agencies New York’.

SEO doesn’t restrict your keywords with a budget. SEO gives you the liberty to explore more and target a range of related keywords for no extra costs.

Enhances visibility of your travel website.

SEO basically deals with the website optimization such that it appears in front of the targeted audiences.

For instance, if someone searched for ‘Contact Travel agency’, and your website makes it to the top of the search results pages, the probability is quite high that you will end up making the deal. You automatically boost your business when you offer your customers what they are looking forward to having. This is how SEO blesses you.

Grow Your Travel Business with SEO and get the traffic you finally deserve!

  • A Detailed SEO audit will help us to find common SEO optimization problems on your website.
  • Advanced keyword research to create articles that your competitors don’t leverage.
  • 100% white hat link-building process using our Travel Ranking System strategy.

Our services

SEO Audit

We will review your onsite and offsite SEO efforts. Including technical and content audit as well.

Keyword Research

We go through your service, and landing pages to uncover high volume & converting keywords to target.

Content Writing

We create high-quality unique content from landing page copy, to blogs, to service descriptions.


We only build high authority links on reputable websites that follow Google best practices.

Competitor Analysis

We look at your competitors and figure out if there are smarter ways to attract quality traffic.

SEO Reporting

Our reporting includes a summary of execution where you can see the links and the content we’ve created.

How is SEO for Travel Agencies beneficial?

Travel agents have played an important role in the travel industry in the past, but these days the internet and search engines have stormed ahead with polls suggesting that around 80% of trips are booked online.

SEO will help travel agency owners to create a faster, smoother, and user-friendly website. Although most people still hang on to the old definition of SEO, thinking that it is only about optimizing for the search engines, however, today SEO is also about improving user experience too.

Well-structured, clean, and uncluttered websites compel a casual visitor to stay longer, thereby decreasing the bounce rate and increasing page views. Similarly, highly relevant content (Travel plans, Budget) keeps your readers happy as they are more likely to get answer their questions, solve their pressing issues and helps them find exactly what kind of trips or travel plans they are looking for on your site.

One of the main reasons for having a website is to stand out from your competition and increase your customer base.

Another reason that sets travel SEO apart from its search marketing cousins is the customer and, in particular, the user journey that a potential customer will travel along before conversion. Typically, a user will not land on a website at the final conversion goal of ‘booking a holiday’. The user journey, in terms of booking a holiday is a multi-visit, multi-site, thoroughly researched and reviewed process. It can take place across a wide range of devices, locations (home, office, commute via handheld) and across a number of days. It is this ‘multi-channel, multi-visit’ experience wherein lies the importance and the main advantages of using an SEO agency who are market specialists in the travel industry. Understanding the user journey of a customer and optimizing a site accordingly is one of the most important contributing factors to an effective SEO strategy for a travel company.

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