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Search Engine Optimization in short form SEO copywriting is the art of writing words that help websites get found and rank high on page one of Google or any other Search Engine. It’s an essential business writing skill that turns poorly performing websites into profitable ones. At ZedyDesignSEO SEO Copywriter Homa Bay Services, we provide the highest quality of blog posts and articles that are custom written for your website. These articles are well researched and written with keywords relevantly used for content optimization.   

Our SEO Copywriter Homa Bay are in huge demand because they instantly impact how a website gets ranked. How powerful would it be to have a skill that determines if your website gets found on page one on Google. Clients will pay top dollar to those who can help them do that. At zedy Design SEO, we offer you tried-and-tested SEO tactics that will deliver:

  • Higher Search Engine rankings
  • More traffic and conversions
  • Increase the rate of click-through
  • Increase your website’s page rankings.

We also improve your SEO copy, harness the on-page and off-page SEO tactics and conduct successful keyword research for your own business and clients while attracting quality external links.

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  • Trusted by 25,000+ Customers, 5-star Rating on Google
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  • Purchase content at fixed rates
  • On-time delivery, fast turnaround
  • Expert copywriters native English speakers

SEO Copywriter Homa Bay Services List Include: 

  • SEO copywriting (writing website content to get on the first page of Google and to increase your website’s conversion rates).
  • Press Releases.
  • EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail).
  • Blog writing.
  • Article writing.
  • Traditional (print and brochure) copywriting (above and below the line, including long copy).
  • Corporate Videos and animations and TVCs (television commercials).
  • Screenplays / film and TV scripts.
  • Novels / ghost writing.
  • Speech writing.
  • Editing and Proofreading.

Benefits of SEO copywriting

Climb up the Google Rankings – With the right SEO implemented on your website and around your content, your rankings will go up and people searching for keywords related to your content will be more likely to find you.

Convert Traffic into Sales – The purpose of getting traffic is to get more business. Copywriting helps to improve the conversion rate on your website so you get the maximum ROI on your marketing.

Increase ROI on Content Writing – If you are spending time and energy creating content regularly, SEO copywriting will get you a better ROI for your investment by drawing more attention (traffic) to the content you are creating.

You only have seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, and you need A well written writing which is enriched with the right wording, correct use of grammar and optimized for SEO to get the best results. 

At Zedy Design SEO, our specialist team From SEO Copywriter Homa Bay will deliver compelling, interesting, and persuasive content to assist with getting your online business ranked highly by search engines.  SEO copywriting plays a major role in determining how your website will be ranked by search engines, and how you will be perceived by your customers. Copywriting is important, and specialist skills are needed to make your website content work for you on the web – if your content is not structured, written or presented correctly to search engines, you will not get a good page ranking. 


Honesty and Integrity – We pledge the highest level of ethical principles in support of excellence in our SEO Copywriter Homa Bay Services.

No Hidden Fees – All costs and fees are described, agreed upon before beginning any new copywriting project.

High Quality Guarantee – We deliver high quality SEO Copywriting Services.

Commitment to deadline – We are highly committed to finishing all projects in the agreed upon time.

Focus – Our SEO Copywriters are highly focused.

We Provide SEO Copywriter Services in Homa Bay And:

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