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Partner With Zedy Design SEO While Investing your Time and or Money

You want to grow your Money, or business or even Profits faster. We’re in the growth business. Explore our partner programs, and let’s start growing better together.

What a Partnership Means

A partnership is a business organization with two or more persons as owners. Partnerships are governed by state laws, and a new partnership is registered with the state where it will be doing business. Each partner shares in the organization’s profits (and losses) and may share in the business operations decisions. 1

For tax purposes, the partners are taxed, not the business itself. That is, the partners pay their share of the taxes based on their share of the partnership, through their personal tax returns2.1

Our Types of Partnerships

General Partner Program

Now anyone can invest their time money and expertise in Zedy Design SEO and earn a return every month based on profit shearing. Be willing to provide consulting on business, technology, sales, marketing, or customer service strategy.

Agency or Company Partner Program

The Agency or Company Partner Program is for agencies and service providers looking to expand their offerings and build expertise in Zedy Design SEO. Whether your expertise is marketing, sales, customer service, web design, CRM, or IT services—if you want to accelerate your growth, we want to help.

Are you a good fit? The Solutions Partner Program is designed for customer-centric agencies, service providers, and resellers that want to learn, grow their business, and use the best technology. It’s a good fit if your business:

Affiliate Partner Program

Zedy Design SEO Affiliate Partner Program is for bloggers, review sites, and other content creators who want to monetize their content and help businesses around the world grow better.

Education Partner Program

Zedy Design SEO Education Partner Program is for colleges and universities who want to bring the theory, practice, and technology used by growing businesses into their classrooms.

Startups Partner Program

Not too long ago, Zedy Design SEO was a small tech startup and as we’ve scaled, we’ve never lost our passion for the startup ecosystem. The Zedy Design SEO for Startups mission is to help millions of startups grow better and we take that very seriously.

We know startups aren’t the only ones hustling. Our goal is to help you help your startups succeed. Through our partner program, we collaborate with a global network of accelerators, incubators, and VC firms to help startups scale smart. The program includes startup-friendly prices for Zedy Design SEO ‘s Growth Suite software as well as many more benefits listed below.

Our partnership program provides benefits to our partners and their affiliated startups, both current and alumni, through a tiered benefits system. Each tier unlocks more exclusive benefits.

Before You Go Into a Partnership

Before you decide on who will join you in a partnership, you should check out these potential partners. Even if you have known someone from kindergarten, it’s a good idea to make sure they are good partner material. That means, for each potential partner:

Doing a credit check on each partner. Use one or more of the credit agencies (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion) to run a credit check.

Check the person’s online presence. What social media does this person use? What types of activities or photos do they post? Is there something you wouldn’t want clients or customers to see?

Do a personality test on each partner. A personality test like the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator can help you look at partners and potential issues with interactions.

What do you need from a partner?

People become partners for all sorts of reasons. They enjoy working collaboratively. They complement each other’s skills. They don’t have the money to start a business on their own. They don’t have access to the types of clients they want to attract.

You improve your chances of forming a successful partnership if you consider what you need from your business partner. Perhaps you have top-notch design and money-management instincts, but you dislike networking, sales, and negotiating. Or, you might have great connections but need a partner to help you ensure that the technical requirements and design specifications are written and carried out correctly.

Collaborating with a partner? Here’s how to make each other’s lives easier

Before you seek a partner, give yourself time to assess the design and business skills at which you excel and those you would not perform so well.

Finding a partner you trust and enjoy working with

When you imagine running a business with a partner, you may have a specific person in mind, such as a friend, colleague, or family member. Even if you know and trust that person in one context, you don’t necessarily know whether a business partnership with that person will work until you explore the details of your partnership.

Discussing the following topics with your prospective partner can be a great way to discover how well you’re actually suited for each other.

Business goals

You want to know whether you both see the partnership as a long- or short-term endeavor. Also, do you have similar goals for growing the business into something bigger or maintaining a small-scale enterprise? Beyond your long-range commitment and business size, talk about the business brand you want to cultivate through your designs, customer service, marketing, and more. Your brand will reflect what you value as designers and professionals as well as individuals, so finding a partner whose style complements yours is important.

Division of duties

Write a list of all the day-to-day tasks that need to be done and talk about who will do what. Although most of the work you likely want to divide and conquer, you also need to think about what big-picture decisions you agree to make together and how you’ll communicate about your respective roles in the business without stepping on each other’s toes. (Checking out these tips for day-to-day collaboration with a partner can help you flesh out your list of tasks.)

Time commitment

With your list of duties in hand, you can add how much time you plan to devote to each one per week, month, or quarter. Unless your special skill is estimating the time needed for tasks, overestimate how much time you think you’ll need. Add up those hours and talk about how many hours you’re each willing and able to work. Will this business be a full-time job for both of you? If you have family responsibilities or other commitments that can take you away from the business, discuss what those are and how you will handle time conflicts.

Putting your agreement in writing

After talking about all aspects of your joint venture, you and your partner need to agree on one more thing: a legal partnership agreement. To create the legal foundation of your business partnership, this agreement covers how the partners will handle issues such as the following:

  • Determining how much equity each partner has in the business
  • Dividing profits
  • Making decisions for the business
  • Changing ownership by either including a new partner or enabling a partner to leave the business
  • Resolving conflicts